Our Work




We are leveraging the social innovation to submit a proposal for people who would create a more equal and just society. We work with the public and privates sectors and civil society to empower people to lead happier and more meaningful lives. In order to do this, we propose various research and innovative, practical actions as follows.


1) Research

We do highly quality research into the theory and practice of social issues and the character of contemporary inequality. Our approach to these issues is distinctive in that we priorities deep qualitative and quantitative work.

Our researches focuses on…Labor, Gender, Civil Society, Housing, Poverty & Structural Inequality, Youth & Education, Population & Ageing, Social innovation & Economy, International Affairs, Welfare, Democracy and Human Rights.


2) Policy Suggestions

We enable others to innovate for large scale impact through designing programs, coaching leaders and engaging communities. We work with national government, local authorities, policy makers and community leaders.

Our policy suggestions for…research methods in local policy, exploration of agenda leading local innovation, method study on the new way of civic participation


3) Programs for Civil Society

We are unusually practical; we get out and about rather than hiding behind our desks. We find this gives us a richer sense of what people value in their lives and of what works in practice.

Our programs are…conducting citizenship education program, designing action plan and program for?all generation



To find out more about our work, please get in touch with Hojin Choi, International Affairs at hjjw75@makehope.org