A Proposal of New Korean Society from Young Generation in 2045: 100th Anniversary of Korean Liberation from Colonization

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In this paper, we investigate the extent to which the Korean young generation offers alternative paradigm to the

future Korean society. We define an “2045 New Korea” as one that is generally considered liveable to citizen and

that secures access for human rights of every people in the country. Focusing on?the idea of?20s generation and

using social fiction conference measures such as workshop and discussion that reflect a pressing social need in

recent Korean society. This paper examines the driving forces and key features of the future Korean society by

young generation and it categorizes in several ways. They discover key features, such as education, employment,

welfare and democracy and they?are?considered as a primary factor to build ideal?society. This paper focuses in

particular on what are the key?components of these factors and how they develop into standards that influence

young generations’ life. It also?discusses and propose countermeasures?and alternatives to bridge the gap between

ideal and reality of current?Korean society.


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