New Life Cycle: A Study on Needs and Alternative Support Plan for Baby Boomers in Korea

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Aging society has become more serious and substantial issue than ever, most far-reaching processes defining the economic,

fiscal, and social changes societies are likely to experience over the next 50 years. However, most of research report and

policies?focus on their financial stability and it is regarded?as?a major problem?for aging society. In this paper, we define

“retirement” ?as one that is a new era of the life and investigate the real meaning of retirement. Most of baby boomers in

this paper see the stage of life after midlife as “the beginning a new chapter” in which they “can be active and involved,

start new activities, and use skills and experience. This paper explains why it is time to recognize this new stage in

the lifecycle, develop?resources that will support it. It also focuses on preparing for these transitions will benefit individuals

and?society as well. Additionally, many baby boomers in the survey want to continue contributing to the common good good

in meaningful social purpose work, after they leave their current position. Baby boomers in this survey are embracing the idea

of an new?stage of work for their decades after midlife.

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